3+1 Napkin Rings To Complement Your Place Setting

3+1 Napkin Rings To Complement Your Place Setting

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3+1 Napkin Rings To Complement Your Place Setting!

napkin ring designs

Napkin rings can leave quite an impressions on your guests. They are pretty, they come in all shapes and sizes and they decorate the tabletop. We could say that napkin rings are tabletop jewelry designed to complement a place setting, especially on formal occasions or at luxurious venues.

Dress up your table with Glass Studio collection of glass napkin rings

The right napkin ring can pull together a whole place setting. We present four napkin ring designs in a variety of styles that can fulfill any tabletop concept you have in mind. All of our napkin rings are customizable to any color of your choice so that they are in tune with the rest of your table setting. Choosing the right napkin ring is all about paying attention to detail and creating harmonious table settings!

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1. Oval Napkin Ring

Egg-shaped napkin ring with inox ring customizable in any color.

Code: SC-00-18

oval glass napkin ring oval napkin ring


2.  Standing Napkin Ring

Bend glass napkin holder with a 5cm inox ring for upright positioning of the napkin, customizable in any color.

Code: SC-00-11

upright napkin holder


napkin holder

3. Flat Napking Ring

Rectangular glass napking holder for flat napking folding, customizable in any color.

Code: SC-00-09flat napkin ring flat napkin holder


4.  Triangular Napkin Ring

Triangular napkin holder with round hole customizable in any color.

Code: SC-00-14

triangular napkin ring

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