NRA Show 2012, Chicago, presenting buffet elevation

NRA Show 2012, Chicago, presenting buffet elevation

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NRA Show 2012 – Buffet elevation solution presented by Glass Studio


Dear friends,

Glass Studio will participate in NRA Show 2012 in Chicago, Illinois, May 5-8. We are inviting you to visit our stand 7279 and check out the latest tabletop concepts our company has come up with! Glass Studio will proudly introduce  its trademark productClickman – a very convenient solution for flexible buffet elevation under the Tiger Glass brand. Come and see for yourselves the various benefits of an easily transformable buffet solution that will simplify the way you serve and present your food.  Don’t miss the show out!


buffet elevation solution by the clickman


The annual NRA show is produced by the National Restaurant Association and draws 58,000+ industry professionals from  100+ countries to Chicago each May, seeking or showcasing the newest innovations and shaping the future of the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industries.

If you work in this field, join the show and don’t miss out on the experience . You may just find that new product, trend or idea that will make the difference in your business next year.


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