Orange dinnerware – pop of color in tabletop setting

Orange dinnerware – pop of color in tabletop setting

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Orange dinnerware – pop of color in tabletop setting


Go with orange dinnerware! Why?

Orange color awakes you not only when you eat it but also by merely looking  at it. This color encourages oxygen inflow to the brain. It is a blending of red energy and yellow spontaneity. It is cheerful and adventurous and stimulates senses and appetite.

Orange color  is often incorporated in dining presentation to set the good mood and create comforting yet lively and energetic atmosphere, which is why hues of orange are often present in interior design of fast food restaurants.

However, orange can be very well incorporated in fine dining restaurant presentation as well. In this case, the secret is to use orange color to accentuate details of decor elements (such as flowers, dinnerware, ornaments etc) against more neutral colors of the general decor base (i.e. white, beige, black, brown etc).

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Give a “pop” feeling to your food presentation

To give a “pop” to fine dining food presentation, use orange dinnerware to serve special menu items offered in small portions. The reason for choosing glass orange dinnerware over  china in this case is because glass texture reflects light better and helps  add more dimension and vigor to presentation (while china might look rather “heavy” against the food).

To add good contrast, combine orange glass dinnerware with elements of royal blue color, to compliment the presentation and convey message of fresh luxury. Finally, remember not to overwhelm the eye with complex color scheme in the overall tabletop setting and select up to 3 colors and tones in your decor.

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