Palm tree dinnerware design for tropical dining

Palm tree dinnerware design for tropical dining

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Palm tree dinnerware design for tropical dining

palm tree dinnerware

Give an exotic air to your tabletop! Code: P2-F1-18-PLI581 & P2-F1-18-PLIF582

Glass Studio introduces the palm tree dinnerware design, inspired by the exotic tree that brings summer and alluring destinations to everyone’s mind!

Glass Studio’ s new pattern which is called “Palm life” features palm trees’ silhouettes and it is available in two styles, the “standard” and the “full”, as shown in the picture.

Custom make your palm tree plates

The palm tree dinnerware design is applicable to shallow and flat shapes of any size amongst our large shapes’ collection. The palm tree design is great for amenities presentation like exotic fruits display or even for dinner plates. Our designers will be happy to propose the best custom shaped plate for your needs!

In the photo we showcase our new palm tree dinnerware design applied on irregular form plates for a laid back effect on the tabletop. We selected a dark green color but you can have your plates in any color you like!

Tip: For a “pop art” touch have palm tree plates in bold, bright colors like yellow and red!

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