The Top 3 Pasta Plates

The Top 3 Pasta Plates

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The Top 3 Pasta Plates!

Pasta is a worldwide favorite food! From quick college meals to family dinners to gourmet restaurants, store-bought or handmade, plain or with a with gourmet flair, pasta is always more than welcome! So how can one serve such a staple and still excite guests? To answer the question, we have made a selection of the 3 top pasta plates that will make it easy for you to make the desired difference!

1. The “Fresh” Pasta Plate

This round, deep pasta plate comes in a light green and white color combination, perfect for lightening up the dining mood and creating a very “fresh” table setting. The two colors blend beautifully creating an artistic result. The effect is created by hand-painting the plates with the batiq technique. Due to its wide rim, the gorgeous painting effect is on display even when the plate is full.

Code: B3-01-00-BT571042

green pasta plate

green pasta plate

2. The “Elegant” Pasta Plate

This original pasta plate has a rounded free form, almost square shape which was inspired by the 70’s design trends. It features an elegant pattern design in light green color. Great for adding a touch of style and refined quality on the tabletop, this pasta plates will surely catch the eye of your guests!

Code: B3-F1-01-ANFF26

elegant pasta plates


elegant pasta plate


glass pasta plate

3. The “Sophisticated” Pasta Plate

This pasta plate has a big oval shape and it features a sophisticated “tree top” design in black color. Due to its big size, it has a dominant appearance on the tabletop. A plate with character for a thought-through table setting!

Code: S1-F2-06-TRT43

sophisticated pasta plate

oval pasta plate

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