Patterned Dinnerware For Mystifying Dining

Patterned Dinnerware For Mystifying Dining

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Get Enigmatic | Force Of Attraction Series by Glass Studio

patterned dinnerware

Get enigmatic and create a mystifying dining setting with attractive patterned dinnerware!

Chefs are like alchemists. They know the art of turning simple ingredients into luscious meals. Each one has his own unique secrets in creating an enigmatic dining atmosphere. A table setting with elaborately patterned plates is perfect to complete a glorious dining experience.

“Enigmatic” Patterned Dinnerware

The “enigmatic” plate is a round plate with a light conical rim in metallic copper color with an elaborate pattern design.

Code: P1-C1-06-HAF024

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Force of Attraction Series

“Force of Attraction” Series by Glass Studio will entice you to a completely novel perception of food presentation. Dining becomes a glorious experience praised by all senses. Surrender to the magnetism of exclusive luxury. Let yourself get attracted to handmade dinnerware with distinct personality and style.

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