Plates for serving watermelon

Plates for serving watermelon

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2+1 Plates for Serving Watermelon

plates for serving watermelonIt’s amazing how many fun and creative ways there are to serve watermelon. A watermelon centerpiece at your summer party will be memorable and these unique plates for serving watermelon will surely impress your guests!

Get inspired by our watermelon presentation ideas and you’ll never look at watermelon the same way again!

Creative design and fun colors

Watermelon is refreshing, hydrating and it has a great, vivid pink color. This deliciously sweet fruit is very versatile when it comes to its presentation. It can be cut in small or big portions and in various shapes. We designed 3 plates for serving watermelon in contrasting, attractive colors. Their creative design catches the eye and steals the show on the tabletop!

Watermelon Platter

Square platter with sixteen inlets for square shaped watermelon bites in sweet pink color!

Code: S3-S6-00-SR33

pink square plate with sixteen inlets for fruit presentation for watermelon day

Watermelon Plate With Inlet

Round  deep plate with a round inlet in the center to place watermelon accompaniments, like feta cheese or chocolate. It has a beautiful purple color in various shades that create a “cloud” effect!

Code: S3-C2-00-MCL1313

watermelon plate

Watermelon Skewers Plate

Juice watermelon triangles on a stick is such a fun way to serve watermelon! This long rectangular watermelon skewer plate will surely wow your guests!

Code: S4-01-08

fruit skewers holder

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