Modular buffet system for cold and warm buffet

Modular buffet system for cold and warm buffet

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Modular buffet system for cold and warm buffet

The Clickman is a modular buffet system that is flexible and versatile

The Clickman modular buffet system allows you to create both cold and warm food presentation with ease. In this video we share our tips on how to set up buffet display for cold or warm buffet service using Clickman and its modular components.

Cold buffet presentation with The Clickman modular buffet system

Bu using the inox icebox buffet accessory, you can assemble functional and practical buffet display for cold food section. The icebox is used together with long bridges by sliding the bridge into the icebox. The bridge is then attached to the support units to assemble the buffet display. The icebox is filled with ice and glass vessels with food are placed in the openings of the bridge. Depending on the outside temperature, ice will melt in 4-5 hours, allowing plenty of time for the food to stay cold and fresh. This makes Clickman suitable for salad buffet or seafood buffet sections.

The design of the icebox will prevent the water from dripping. This special drainage system of the icebox allows easy and quick disposal of the water from melted ice,  making the upkeep effortless and simple.

Warm food presentation with The Clickman portable buffet system

Clickman’s inox chafing fuel support component enables you to transform buffet setup into a warm buffet display in mere minutes. The component is used along with the icebox for supporting chafing fuel containers. The component holds containers with chafing fuel and is placed underneath the icebox willed with water, creating a setup with a constant warm temperature that lasts continually for 6 hours. This makes warm food presentation practical and easily manageable.


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