Punch bowl designs for partying in style

Punch bowl designs for partying in style

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New punch bowl designs! Let’s drink to partying in style!

glass punch bowlGreat tasting punch is a party favorite! The cool and refreshing drink not only has a great taste but it also has a fruity, colorful look and because it is presented in big punch bowls it can easily become the center of attention in a buffet. See the punch bowl as the centerpiece of the party! Dress it up for more formal events, dress it down for chill out atmosphere but always keep it interesting and … stirring! Your guests will love refilling their cups!

Punch Bowl Designs For Punch Day

On 20th of September we celebrate “Punch Day”! Glass Stydio has designed two different punch bowls to make sure your guests enjoy punch in style!

The Luxurious Punch Bowl

This extra large free form glass bowl on a bronze base is a luxurious punch bowl that leaves an imposing impression. It comes in an elegant metallized yellow color but you can also order it in any custom color of your choice!

A great punch bowl for formal events, banquets and deluxe buffets!

Code: S4-07-01-SR041-B

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baroque lux punch bowl


luxurious punch bowl

The Tropical Punch Bowl

Free form shaped and made of thick, tranparent glass, the tropical punch bowl gives a cheerful and delicate look to the party decor. With its appealing and easy-going look, it gives a graceful air to any type of event.

Code: F1-C2-13-X40

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punch bowl

tropical punch bowl

Happy Punch Day! Here is a brief history of punch recipes.

Today’s party punch recipes are said to stem from an ancient East Indian recipe of five ingredients, the term punch being derived from panch, the Hindi word for ‘five’. The notion is only mildly debated and, sure enough, arrack (mostly fermented palm sap), tea or spices, sugar, water, and lemon, the five ingredients, are found in most punch recipes today.

British sailors of the 1700’s were very fond of the concoction. They spread the punch recipe to seaport taverns like bees spread pollen. There, the original punch recipe was tinkered with, of course, and many came to consider themselves ‘master punch brewers’. The result was a slew of punch recipes as colorfully named as any English tavern. Dragoon, Bombay, Fish House and Artillery are a few still popular. The famous Fish House Punch recipe is actually credited by some, not to a British pub, but to afishing and social club in Schuylkill, Pennsylvania here in “the colonies.”

New recipe or old, punch is still the perfect party drink, the quick, fun, easy, festive, inexpensive crowd-pleaser it’s always been. (Source: www.greatpartyrecipes.com )

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