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“Restaurant Business is Show Business” 

Restaurant Design

Restaurant design needs a Tableware concept. The Tableware concept is an integral part of the Restaurant design.

Why? Because Restaurant Business is Show Business and the most important end-result of show business is to create memorable experiences. Therefore the value and success of a Restaurant design concept, lies in creating memorable experiences.

A Tableware concept that strengthens the Restaurant design concept and works in harmony with the interior, intensifies the “Wow” effect of the memorable experience. Glass Studio will help you through the creation of a Tableware concept, totally integrated with your restaurant interior design and course menu.


1. A Dinnerware concept needs bespoke dinnerware. By utilizing our design and production flexibility, chefs and restaurant owners can have a tailor-made, bespoke tableware without spending more for design fees and without having to buy minimum quantities.

2. A Dinnerware concept needs a concept binder; in Restaurant design, color is the “concept binder.End consumers understand a restaurant concept mainly through color. Therefore, the color concept must also show itself on the dinnerware design. When the color is selected, the most important element of the concept is already on the table!

3. Restaurant design also depends on exclusivity. A restaurant will not share a chef with its rivals, nor will one restaurant use another restaurant’s interior design. For the same reason, it will not serve a meal on identical mass produced plates with those of other restaurants. Exclusivity is created by bespoke dinnerware made for the purpose of supplying a unique dinnerware concept of a special restaurant design.


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