Serving champagne in fine dining and banqueting

Serving champagne in fine dining and banqueting

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Serving champagne in fine dining and banqueting

A little bit of history behind serving champagne

Serving champagne is often associated with opulence, elegance and refinement, reserved for special occasions and celebratory moments. The ritual of serving champagne on festive occasions stems from the early 18th century French court, when in efforts to imitate the royalty noblemen adopted a fashion of drinking champagne as a way of demonstrating one’s affluence and sophistication. Since then, champagne became the symbol of luxury, power and wealth. To this day, champagne remains one of the favorite celebratory wines.

Serving champagne is some kind of an art form

From the temperature at which “bubbly” is served and the handling of the bottle, to the infamous cork popping and pouring the champagne, the process requires certain skills and etiquette. To begin with, champagne requires cooling to reach the steady temperature of 7ºC-9ºC in cool-but-not-cold conditions with little direct light exposure of the bottle. The right temperature is achieved by chilling the bottle in a bucket of ice and water right before opening. This prevents the champagne from becoming too gassy and over-bubbling, which could result in excessive spillage upon opening.

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Large glass ice and champagne bucket for banqueting service


Champagne bottles are often chilled in specifically designated champagne buckets, which are often larger in size and volume than typical wine chilling buckets in order to accommodate both ice and water for the champagne chilling method. Champagne buckets are ideal method for chilling the beverage right before serving, as they allow quick cooling without drastic oscillations in the temperature.

When selecting a champagne bucket, it is important to determine the size that matches with the style of champagne serving. For intimate, fine dining occasions a single-bottle fitting bucket could be sufficient. For banqueting and large festivities it is advisable to use larger ice and champagne bucket that can accommodate greater number of champagne bottles of various sizes and volumes.


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Glass champagne bowl on foot by Glass Studio for chilling champagne bottles


MyGlassStudio offers a beautiful variety of glass champagne buckets for any type of dining. For single bottle service our designs include champagne buckets in soft, irregular flared shapes with handles and subtle footing in a wide range of colors and patterns that match the decor and interior of the dining venue. For larger banqueting service  MyGlassStudio designs also offer large glass ice tubs and ice buckets that are perfect for chilling multiple bottles at the same time.

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Glass ice and champagne serving tub for banqueting by Glass Studio


Serving champagne with an elegant presentation in a glass champagne bucket can become a table centerpiece of its own, accentuating the fine dining setting or the banqueting service. Unlike common metal or plastic designs, the beauty of our glass ice and champagne buckets is in the frosty, cool and crisp feel of the luxurious and thick glass which highlights the tone of the exclusivity of the champagne service.


For more serving champagne ideas see myglassstudio pinterest board of champagne buckets and wine holders

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