How to set up The Clickman portable buffet system

How to set up The Clickman portable buffet system

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How to set up The Clickman portable buffet system

A portable buffet system that is absolutely versatile and adjustable to your needs

The Clickman by Tiger Glass is a portable buffet system that is mobile and storable and enables you to create a buffet display however you wish it to be. In this video tutorial we offer a simple guide to setting up Clickman portable buffet system.

Handling of the buffet system

Clickman buffet  units are provided with non-woven bags. To maintain the quality of the material, always handle the support units inside their bags.

Aligning the buffet units

Key to setting up The Clickman easily is the alignment of the support units. Take care to align units properly before assembly. You can align the support units either by using the bridge as an alignment tool or by using the “H” alignment tool provided by Clickman.

Assembly of the portable buffet system

Always lift the bridge with both hands by holding it in the middle so that its weight is balanced. Fold the hinge downwards. First, hook the non-hinged side of the bridge. Be careful to insert the Clickman into holes perpendicularly to the support unit and not at an angle.  Place your right hand under the hinge in the middle, so that the weight is still balanced, and lift the hinge as you enter the holes. Clickman must hook right inside the hole under the condition the support units are already aligned. Click! The rest of the bridges are easily assembled because the first one already keeps the system aligned.

Dismantling the buffet setup

Dismantling is done in two steps. First, you remove the hinged side of the bridge and then the non-hinged side of it. Un-click the hinged side. To un-click the hinged side, place your finger under and in the middle of the hinge, press upwards. At the same time, fold the hinge to close. The hooks will effortlessly be released from the support unit. Hold the bridge with two hands, again from the middle, so that the weight is balanced and perpendicularly to the support units. Lightly lift an pull the bridge out of the holes.

Always handle the support units in the non-woven bags provided

Cover the support units while they are upright. Tumble the support unit, so that its feet are directed towards the bag opening side and not the other way around. Close the bag with a velcro and remove it from the buffet table.

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