Sleek dinnerware design for The Vault, JW Marquis Dubai

Sleek dinnerware design for The Vault, JW Marquis Dubai

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Sleek dinnerware design for The Vault, JW Marquis Dubai



Recently launched JW Marquis Dubai is the city’s latest skyscraper and the world’s tallest hotel at the moment, boasting 72 stories at 355m. The landmark consists of twin towers, including 1,608 luxury rooms and suites and an impressive collection of 14 food and beverage outlets, offering tastes from innovative social sushi concepts, fine dining by Michelin-awarded chef to elegant bars and lounges.

Glass Studio worked together with the property’s F&B team on several venues, including Izakaya Japanese restaurant, Rang Mahal Indian dining by Atul Kochhar and The Vault. Today we share with you the story of the designs for The Vault exclusive bar.

Described as “a plush hideaway at the top of the world’s tallest hotel”, The Vault offers exquisite formal lounge experience. The venue is situated on the 71st and 72st floors of the hotel (the highest location for a hotel bar in the world at the moment) and consists of a cocktail bar with premium beverages (an impressive collection of over 100 varieties of the most expensive vodkas in the country), a cigar lounge and dining area.

Vault, Vault bar, JW Marquis Dubai, interior, decor

Black and gold interior with panoramic view at The Vault bar and lounge, JW Marquis Dubai

Vault, vault door, bar and lounge, JW Marquis Dubai

Entry door of The Vault bar and lounge at JW Marquis Dubai













The sleek  contemporary decor of luxe black and gold offers a flair of exclusivity against the backdrop of the panoramic view of city’s skyline. The chic and contemporary interior has a fashionable flair and creates a cool vibe.

serving plate, glass plate, small plate, gold plate, chocolates, lounge food, Vault, Glass Studio, JW Marquis Dubai

Small glass serving plate with chocolates for lounge dining at Vault, JW Marquis Dubai

Glass Studio designed a range of dinnerware pieces for the venue’s dining offer, consisting of refined selection of deluxe canapes, caviar service, sushi and sweet delicacies. Our designers worked on items such as serving platters, trays, caviar presentation sets and small serving plates.

serving plate, serving platter, glass plate, glass platter, gold plate, gold dinnerware, plate design, dessert platter, Glass Studio, JW Marquis Dubai

Gold serving platter with cupcakes designed by Glass Studio for Vault bar and lounge, JW Marquis Dubai

We took inspiration from the venue’s black and gold interior, but also from the unique decorative elements, such as the heavy metal doors that resemble the bank safe-style doors with complex mechanism of screws and bolts (hence the name of the venue – The Vault). Our designs centered on sleek, gold surfaces and elegant shapes that highlight the theme of the interior and intensify the sense of ceremony when indulging in the Vault experience.

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