Snacks buffet for movie night

Snacks buffet for movie night

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Snacks Buffet For Movie Night!

Bring all the excitement and special flavor of movies from the big screen to your movie night with a delicious snacks buffet. Inspired by “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2″ premiere, we arranged an attractive snacks buffet that will add fun and taste to your movie night!

Colorful snack bowls for pop corn, chips and candys will cheer up your guests. Let them nibble on the tasty goodies and maybe your movie night will turn into a movie marathon! Check out our ideas below and feel free to contact us at for more info!

snacks buffet

Snack buffet ideas!

Snack bowl on stand

Add elegance and edge to your snacks buffet. This round medium bowl on a metal spiral base is available in any color you like and its interesting design will captivate your guests!

snack bowl on stand

Code: S4-00-34-SR571-BE

Chips Stand

Present chips with this striking snacks buffet bowl stand! Put different flavors in each bowl to make snacking more interesting!

chips buffet

Code: F1-08-39

Colorful snack bowls

These handmade glass bowls have a round shape with vertrical rim and medium size. They come in any color of your choice. Mix ‘n match vibrant colors and create a kaleidoscopic snacks buffet!

candys bowl

Code: b1-c2-20-srt329

jellys bowl

Code: B1-C2-20-SR571

snacks bowl

Code: B1-C2-20-SR0411

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