Steakhouse dinnerware,The Rib Room, Jumeirah Emirates

Steakhouse dinnerware,The Rib Room, Jumeirah Emirates

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Steakhouse dinnerware creations for The Rib Room, Jumeirah Emirates Tower


Culinary Delights at The Rib Room

The Rib Room is located on the Lobby Level of Jumeirah Emirates Tower, Dubai, and is among of the favorite dining spots in the city.

This award-winning steakhouse offers a selection of traditional steak classics and wide choice of cuts with a modern twist. Under the culinary lead of head Chef Ana Maria Gasperi who joined the team of Jumeirah Emirates Towers in October 2010, The Rib Room offers gastronomic treats such as Wagyu, Australian and American cuts, signature rib dishes and restaurant’s own custom range of sauces. Special feature for regular guests are the “Personalized steak knives” – high quality knives with engraved guests’ names, ready to be used whenever loyal customers visit The Rib Room. The restaurant was awarded with several titles, including the “What’s on Favorite International Specialty Restaurant Award” in 2009.

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Tabletop setup at The Rib Room Jumeirah Emirates Tower

The Rib Room’s Refurbishment Project

The restaurant underwent four-month refurbishment project in the beginning of this year, and was re-launched in March 2011 to reveal new interior and fresh approach to dining. According to hotel manager’s Maren Kuehl, one of the main reasons behind refurbishments was the to not only refresh the look of the award-winning steakhouse, but also to increase the number of covers so as to be able to accommodate more guests. The number of covers in the main dining room increased from 80 to 115, and now includes also a private dining room that accommodates 18 guests. The refurbishment also included fresh start and re-branding venture for restaurant’s bar, now know as The Agency, which was re-designed to create stylish venue for pre-drinks that accompanies well the overall flair of the restaurant and acts as an invitation to taste the delicacies at The Rib Room.

New Decor and Steakhouse Dinnerware at The Rib Room

Under the slogan: “Steaks and ribs have never been so stylish”, The Rib Room underwent re-design of the decor so as to refresh the image of the restaurant and add contemporary and stylish flair to its dining experience. The new decor transformed old red and black interior to a dining space featuring mustard satin seating, mahogany walls with low lighting and glass wall adorned with a landscape of glass bottles. The idea was to create sleek, yet warm environment that creates pleasant dining experience for guests. The new interior was a creative product of a Bahrain design firm DWP, while new dining experience was completed by new tabletop designs by Glass Studio.

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Glass dinnerware set by Glass Studio for The Rib Room, Jumeirah Emirates Tower

New steakhouse dinnerware design centered on sophisticated palette of neutral clear surface for the show plates and warm cream color for the side plates.

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Design featured subtle brick pattern on the sides, with gold brick pattern for show plates and transparent brick pattern for bread and butter or side plates. Dinnerware featured square glass plates to accompany dynamic and rich flavors of the restaurant’s steak menu.

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The goal of Glass Studio’s tabletop design was to create sophisticated  background for the dining experience that brings the flair of exclusivity and accentuates the food presentation of The Rib Room’s menu.


According to hotel manager, Maren Kuehl, the refurbishment project proved to be a great success, resulting in 40% increase in revenues for The Rib Room and The Agency from April to June 2011 (compared to the same period in 2010). New design also contributed to impressive 20% increase in covers for the restaurant’s main dining room. This illustrates how changes in décor (from the overall design of the interior to designs of tabletop and dinnerware) can make a big difference in the restaurant business and lead to higher revenues.

Glass Studio is proud to be a part of this successful project and wishes The Rib Room’s guests many delightful gastronomic moments !

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