Steakhouse tabletop design, Steakhouse, Renaissance

Steakhouse tabletop design, Steakhouse, Renaissance

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Steakhouse tabletop designs for New York Steakhouse, Renaissance Doha



The opening of Marriot’s new property in Doha under the Renaissance brand created a lot of positive buzz in the hospitality industry.  Renaissance Doha promised to deliver not only a stylish, arty retreat for world travellers (more info on hotel’s concept here), but also to enrich Doha’s dining scene by seven new venues including restaurants, bars and lounges.

Glass Studio closely collaborated with hotel’s opening team in creating dinnerware designs for the newly launched venues. Today we present to you our tabletop designs for Renaissance’s New York Steakhouse.


Steakhouse tabletop design by Glass Studio for New York Steakhouse

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Table setting design by Glass Studio for New York Steakhouse, Renaissance Doha

New York Steakhouse is  part of the West End Doha – a project aiming to create a one-stop destination for dining and leisure at  Renaissance Doha City Center hotel with focus on culturally diverse cuisines.

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Restaurant tabletop design by Glass Studio for New York Steakhouse, Renaissance Doha

New York Steakhouse was created with the aim to enrich West End’s dining scene with well-loved traditional steakhouse offering. Designed to “embody rich tradition of fine American steakhouses”, the restaurant provides wide choice of meat and seafood dishes paired with extensive selection of wines.

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Glass show plates by Glass Studio for New York Steakhouse, Renaissance Doha

The restaurant was designed to convey the classic style of American steakhouse dining, featuring warm and dark colours of wooden tables and red leather booths. Glass Studio’s designers worked with long-term collaborator  chef Christian Jean on creating tabletop designs that match the interior of the restaurant and also create effective and memorable dining presentation.

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Sauce presentation by Glass Studio for New York Steakhouse, Renaissance Doha

Dinnerware designs for the New York Steakhouse included glass show plates, dessert plates, signature starter dishes and custom-made sauce presentation for steaks.  Design was based on warm colour palette of chocolate browns (for dessert plates) as well as copper and matt gold (for show plates).

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The show plates featured subtle abstract pattern in order to add classic yet stylish accent to the tabletop design.

A playful combination of round and square shapes for the restaurant dinnerware allowed to add a contemporary flair into the food presentation.



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