Sushi dinnerware for Lille Asia, Oslo

Sushi dinnerware for Lille Asia, Oslo

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Sushi dinnerware for Lille Asia, Oslo


About Lille Asia

Lille Asia is Oslo’s new hot spot for trendy sushi dining. It opened in December 2011 in the heart of Oslo’s  downtown Majorstua area. Restaurant is conceptualized as a modern dining venue, offering a mix of Asian dishes from Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. However, gourmet sushi dishes are the heart of the restaurant’s menu.

Lille Asia is designed as a modern and trendy restaurant, catering to urban and stylish crowd. Restaurant’s decor combines Norwegian functionality and simplicity with minimalistic yet sophisticated Asian flair. It features an open kitchen/sushi bar, where visitors can see how sushi dishes are being prepared.


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Dining floor is divided into two sections.  One part of the restaurant is designed as an spacious section with long wooden benches and glass walls overlooking the street. The other section offers more intimate dining setting with smaller tables and warm setting with wood panel walls.

Sushi plates for Lille Asia

Glass Studio worked with restaurant’s opening team to design restaurant dinnerware that fits perfectly  Lille Asia’s menu and decor. Since restaurant’s decors was envisioned as very minimalistic and simple, all attention was to be placed on food presentation and table setting. Naturally, dinnerware designs centered around various concepts for sushi plates.

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Table setup at Lille Asia with Glass Studio sushi plates

One of the key design concepts were plates for sushi presentation. Designs featured square plates with “cracked” pattern in matte gold color that matched the warm palette of the restaurant’s wood-based decor.

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Glass sushi plate by Glass Studio for Lille Asia

Depending on the light reflection, pattern appears to be anywhere from very light golden tone  to a very dark, almost black color.

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Sushi dish with cracked pattern by Glass Studio for Lille Asia

The design featured flat surface of the dishes, which have  small footing on the corners, so as to allow easier handling of the plates when picked up by chefs and waiters.

"footed plate", "footed dish", "glass plate", "Glass Studio", "Lillie Asia"

Footed plate for sushi by Glass Studio for Lille Asia

Other items included clear glass plates with green tint used for appetizer dishes. These plates also featured short legs on the corners for better placement on the tabletop.

"appetizer plates", "appetizer dishes", "hors d'oeuvres", "glass plates", "glass dishes", "Glass Studio", "Lillie Asia"

Appetizer plates by Glass Studio for Lille Asia

Designs also included glass appetizer spoons used in combination with clear sushi plates for serving appetizers.

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Glass appetizer spoons by Glass Studio for Lille Asia

Other dinnerware pieces included also smaller rectangular plates with metallic color effect. These plates were designed with Glass Studio‘s signature “deep colored” technique, where “bubble effect” is created inside the glass (rather than on the surface) leaving the impression of shimmering granule imprints in the plate.

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Sushi dinnerware by Glass Studio for Lille Asia

These plates were used as sushi platters as well as dessert plates.

"dessert plate", "dessert dish", "dessert presentation", "Glass Studio", "Lillie Asia"

Dessert plate by Glass Studio for Lille Asia

Overall, all glass creations for this sushi dinnerware project fit well with the menu of the restaurant and as well its sleek style. The cold glass surface of the plates allowed sushi creations to stay as fresh as possible during serving, while light reflecting through the glass plates adds more glam to the food presentation, creating that “wow” effect Glass Studio is known for.


Note: photos borrowed from Lille Asia website


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