Table accessories – the unexpected appeal of a cutlery holder

Table accessories – the unexpected appeal of a cutlery holder

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Table accessories – the unexpected appeal of a cutlery holder


In the world of casual dining, minimalist design prevails. Excessive and “heavy” decor is abandoned in favor of simple and functional dining areas, which allow the food to be the center of the experience. When elaborate tableware designs are off the table and minimalism rules, how do tabletop designers set the tone to the dining experience?

A successful example of handling this challenge comes from  Glass Studio designs  for “Fleur” restaurant at Mandalay Bay. Owned by famous chef Hubert Keller, “Fleur” is an example of fine dining with a twist – gourmet dishes are served “small plates” style, allowing patrons to taste a range of delicacies from international cuisines. To accompany this contemporary approach to fine dining, the interior is casual-chic, with warm earthy colors and simple minimal lines.

"Fleur", "fine dining", "Mandalay Bay"

Interior at Fleur restaurant, Mandalay Bay

The relaxed dining ambiance dictated minimal tabletop props. Abandoning the conventional tabletop rules, our designers placed cutlery holder as the tabletop centerpiece.

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Cutlery holder as table accessory

The designs for cutlery holders were in warm orange and yellow colors, in simple square box shape to complement the urban style of the interior. Cutlery holders for silverware and chopsticks were paired for each table, in order to convey the international spectrum of dishes served at the restaurant.

"chopstick holder", "chopsticks", "chopstick rest", "cutlery holder", "Glass Studio", "Fleur", "Mandalay Bay"

Chopstick holder and cutlery holder by Glass Studio for Fleur, Mandalay Bay

The functionality of the design went in line with the casual dining style of the venue, while the color scheme brought it up to the level of a fine and unexpected tabletop accessory.


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