Table setting for Ipanema, Renaissance Doha City Center Hotel

Table setting for Ipanema, Renaissance Doha City Center Hotel

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Table setting for Ipanema, Renaissance Doha City Center Hotel


About Renaissance Doha City Center Hotel

The opening of Renaissance Doha City Center Hotel (October 2011) marked  new wave in hospitality development in Qatar.  Launched as part of a new three-hotel complex by Marriott (along with Courtyard by Marriott and Marriott Executive Apartments Doha City Center), this is the first hotel under Renaissance brand in Qatar. It is located in Doha’s West Bay, across from Qatar Financial Center and adjacent to the Doha City Center Mall.  The hotel is situated in one of the two 48-story towers in West Bay, sharing the floors with other Marriott properties.

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As part of its brand concept, Renaissance is set to serve the segment of  “lifestyle travelers” who seek entertainment and hip and stylish accommodation. The hotel is designed with bold and arty concept in mind, and is distinguished from other Marriott properties in the area by colorful interiors and a unique mix of local cultural elements. The hotel features artwork from Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani’s collection, which adds a flair of the local history and culture.

Glass Studio‘s team worked with hotel’s opening team on creating dinnerware that accentuates the hotel’s  style  and helps create memorable experiences for its guests. In this post we present to you out dinnerware designs for Ipanema restaurant, one of the seven dining venues featured in Renaissance Doha.


Table setting by Glass Studio for Ipanema, Renaissance Doha


The key concept behind rich culinary offer at Marriott’s newly opened hotels in Doha is to offer numerous dining outlets, each with its own distinct characteristics, so as allow visitors to find exactly what they are looking for at one place – “the West End”. Ipanema is one of the best examples illustrating such approach to culinary diversity in Renaissance’s dining offer.

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Table setup by Glass Studio for Ipanema, Renaissance Doha

Ipanema’s dining concept centers on Brazilian cuisine and Rodízio restaurant service style, accompanied with authentic churrascaria (barbecue) menu.  In line with the Brazilian dining tradition, churrascaria meat and seafood dishes are served right off the grill and are carved directly at the table, thus adding a doze of  entertainment  to the dining experience.

Ipanema’s interior features mix of bright colors, long wooden communal tables and dim lights, combined to create a warm, fun and pleasant atmosphere for dining and socializing. Glass Studio‘s team designed  dinnerware that enhances these sentiments and accentuates restaurant’s concept.

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Restaurant dinnerware by Glass Studio for Ipanema, Renaissance Doha

Dinnerware designs for Ipanema’s  included show plates and napkin rings for table setting, as well as glass starter plates and dessert plates. Following the idea to re-create the warm atmosphere of Brazilian dining, dinnerware designs featured vivid green color for show plates and napkin rings that matched the interior and added  playful character to the table setting. Glass show plates were designed to feature the mountain-like pattern across the green surface mimicking the restaurant’s logo, and thus setting the memory of the dining experience deep into the minds of the visitors. Inspired by the straight and simple shapes of the interior, restaurant dinnerware featured square glass plates and square napkin rings, which added the edgier look to the table setting.

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Green show plate with napkin ring by Glass Studio for Ipanema, Renaissance Doha

This combination of square dinnerware and green color also allowed to communicate the concept of the freshness -an essential for the churasscaria  dining.  And so, with the help of right color, pattern and shape, Ipanema’s vision of authentic Brazilian dining was created.

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