Table top decor for Anri Schroff Event

Table top decor for Anri Schroff Event

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Tabletop Designs by Glass Studio Japan for Anri Schroff Event


Our colleagues from Glass Studio Japan recently worked on table top décor for the event organized by our client Shimazu Shigetomiso hotel (Kagoshima, Japan). The event was hosted by famous Japanese journalist and lifestyle expert Anri Schroff, who delivered a lecture on party  coordination. The concept of the event was “elegance and spring”, and the decor of the venue was styled to reflect this theme. Naturally, the tabletops were the center of attention, and Glass Studio‘s team presented several tabletop ideas as an inspiration.

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Table setting with square charger plates in pastel green by Glass Studio

Our team presented several ideas for table settings, using Glass Studio dinnerware from various collections. Although each table setup was unique, all ideas were conceptualized under the same theme: spring, elegant, and stylish.

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Table setting with pink and white dinnerware by Glass Studio

Dinnerware pieces selected for presentation included charger plates, dining plates, side plates,  small and large serving bowls and glass boxes with lids. Each tabletop design was created with a different set of colors: pastel pink, green and lavender, bold gold, white and yellow, as well as with different plate shapes and patterns.

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Table setting with square dinnerware set with gold-rim charger plates and side plates with “millefiori” pattern

For presentation our colleagues used dinnerware sets with “millefiori” ,  “floral”,  “center”, and “crystals” patterns (also appearing in MyGlassStudio’s signature “Bloom” and “Pearls” collections), which perfectly matched the spring theme.

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Plate designs by Glass Studio

Our team demonstrated once again how Glass Studio dinnerware creates the “wow” effect in dining experience, and how tabletop designs have the power  to set the tone and style of the venue.

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Restaurant tabletop design by Glass Studio

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