Tea stands for High Tea, Afternoon tea and Dinnerware

Tea stands for High Tea, Afternoon tea and Dinnerware

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High Tea And Afternoon Tea Stands And Dinnerware


Tea lovers around the world know that tea time can be the most relaxing time of the day, and Glass Studio’s designs of tea stands  can help you enjoy every single minute of it.

afternoon tea stand, high tea stand, tea presentation

Round high tea “Chinese” metal stand

Where did high tea and afternoon tea come from?

It’s been a very long time since Anna Russell, Duchess of Bedford, intoduced the notion of afternoon tea to England, due to her ‘sinking feeling’. What was most likely hunger while waiting  for dinner to be served, created the need to invite some friends for tea and snacks, an idea that spread quickly among the court, establishing the commonly known today afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea should not be confused with high tea, also known as meat tea, which was a working class meal, served at the end of the day at around 5pm.

No matter what type of tea service you choose in case you are in the hospitality businness, Glass Studio has some excellent pieces for you, both for drinking tea and enjoying the snacks that go with it.

Tea dinnerware and tea stand designs

gold tea stand, gold afternoon tea stand, gold high tea stand

Two-tier luxurious gold tea stand

Our glass cups, accompanied by matching trays and coasters, are the perfect way to serve tea to your customers. We highly recommend our clear glass or black designs for serving Japanese tea, being as simple as possible so as to let the flavors overwhelm the senses.

Nonetheless, we take much pride in our tea stands, ideal for sweets, sandwiches, petit fours and other snacks and tea accompaniments. Whether a high or afternoon tea service, the food you serve with tea plays a very important role in the overall presentation.

Our company’s glass staircase stand is a product we had the pleasure to see as an addition to many afternoon tea services, and the feedback we received was extremely satisfactory.

tea service presentation, tea stand

Glass petit fours staircase stand and glass tea cup

Our tea stands however are a perfect way to serve tea snacks and desserts. Our dynamic and modern afternoon tea stands for serving dessert and pastry can match even the most demanding interiors, whereas our simpler tea dinnerware designs can turn your high tea buffet section into a main attraction.

The afternoon tea course order

In case you want to fully follow the afternoon tea course order, our three tier stands are ideal. Start by placing tea sandwiches and savories as a first course at the bottom shelf, the second course at the middle section and the sweets as a third course at the top shelf.

Our designers can show you a plethora of tea stands to choose from, with one, two or three tiers, combining different colors, but always with our company’s known quality.

tiered tea stand, tier tea stand, high tea stand, afternoon tea stand

Round tiered tea metal stand

If the innumerable options stress you out, lay back and enjoy a cup of tea in one of our glass tea cups – we are absolutely positive it will calm you down.

And then try some sweets off of our tea stands – you can’t resist, can you?

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