The Elegance of Black Dinnerware

The Elegance of Black Dinnerware

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The Elegance of Black Dinnerware


Black dinnerware are sophisticated and dynamic. Read on about the king of colors in design!

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Black is the most assertive and authoritative color. It is usually associated to mystery and darkness. Black gives the impression of “weight”. This is why black objects appear heavier than white.

In clothes it reveals status and respect (i.e. tuxedo, referees). Since the first “little black dress” of Coco Chanel and up to today, black is considered to be the synonym of absolute chic, elegance, sophistication and refined minimalism.

black show plate, black dinnerware

Black show plate in the shape of venetian mirror

Black in dinnerware design

In restaurant tabletop design black dinnerware such as black charger plates is commonly used to complement the elegant and luxurious elements of the overall dining decor.

In food presentation black glass dinnerware could be used to serve small portions of delicacy items that would “pop up” against the dark dinner plate surface. Black glass dinnerware is also complimenting a dessert presentation, as illustrated in MyGlassStudio glass dessert plate design.

black geometric plates, black minimal dinnerware

Black geometric plates

contemporary geometric dinnerware, modern geometric dinner plates

Contemporary geometric dinnerware

Black and white: A perfect combination

If black is the king of colors then white is definitely his queen. Combine them for an engaging tabletop.

Black and white is the most powerful and engaging colour combination. Black and white come from each end of the colour spectrum having the maximum contrast. Sophisticated, classy and timeless, black and white plates can draw attention to a tabletop and give a fashionable tone to the interior.

Orange dinnerware - pop of color in tabletop setting