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The Moon Collection

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The Moon Collection

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It’s rough texture is inspired by our only known natural satellite: the Moon. It is a show plate with bright ancient crustal highlands and prominent impact craters.

With colors such as gold, copper and silver, Moon show plates, reflect light just like the only celestial body on which humans have landed does.

Hand crafted based on the ancient Chinese coin design, the Moon collection has a round form with a square inlet. As Glass Studio was the first company to revive this ancient shape in tableware, we used the hole , as a framed canvas, and turned the shape, into a unique food presentation tool.

The Moon Collection

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Show plate
Round plate with square inlet (Code: P1-F3-01). Exterior diameter: 30 cm/11,8 in; Internal dimensions: 10×10 cm/3,94 x 3,94 in; Height: 2 cm/0,79 in; Thickness: 5 mm/0,2 in. Packaging: 8 pcs in a master pack of 35,5×35,5×14 cm; master pack weight 7,2 kg/253.97 oz.

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B & B plate
Small plate with conical rim (Code: P5-S4-03). Exterior dimensions: 10X10 cm/3,94 x 3,94 in; Height: 1,00 cm/0,39 in; Thickness: 5 mm/0,2 in. Packaging: 4 pcs in a master pack of 12,3x11x6,5 cm; master pack weight 0,58 kg/20.46 oz.

Napkin ring
Napkin holder (Code: SC-00-12). Exterior dimensions: 6 x 5 cm/2,36 x 1,97 inch; diam of the ring 10 cm/3,94 inch; Thickness; 5 mm/ 0,2 inch. Packaging : 8 pcs in a master pack 32x10x10, master pack weight: 1,2 kg/67,73 oz.