Tumbler glass, 3+1 condiments

Tumbler glass, 3+1 condiments

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3+1 condiments for your water tumbler


It is World Water Day! Let’s appreciate having fresh and clean water and remind ourselves to drink more water because water is vital for our health and wellbeing!

If you find plain water boring you can turn it into a refreshing and interesting beverage by adding flavoring condiments! Add some slices of fruit or vegetables in a funky tumbler glass and water will escape being overshadowed. Here are some of the favorites!

  1. Cucumber and mint

Antioxidant and fresh, a favorite classic! Mint adds a touch of sweetness, and it also helps settle your stomach and aids in digestion while cucumber offers rehydration and it has anti-inflammatory properties! Have yourself a cool glass of freshness!


Funky tumbler glass

  1. Strawberry and lime

Exotic and summery, not too sweet and not too sour! Strawberries are full with anti-oxidants, and limes are an excellent anti-aging weapon due to its restorative properties for hair, skin, and nails.

  1. Pineapple and mint

Fill a highball glass with the exotic fruit and fresh mint. Full of flavor and character! Pineapple has anti-inflammatory power and mint supports the digestive system by activating salivary glands and digestive enzymes.


Use interesting drinkware!

  1. Orange, lemon and ginger

Full of vitamin, energy and taste! Oranges aid with healthy blood circulation, lemons help with digestion (and freshen breath), and ginger is a notorious immune system booster.



A glass tumbler designed for World Water Day

To honor World Water Day, for the first time we designed a funky water tumbler! Click the link for more info on how to get it!

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