Wedding buffet for dreamy wedding receptions!

Wedding buffet for dreamy wedding receptions!

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The Dreamy Wedding Buffet!

dessert buffet platter

Wedding buffet dessert platter

Dress up the wedding reception with this beautifully arranged wedding buffet presentation!

The Dreamy Wedding Buffet

From the focal point of the set up, the stunning revolving wheel, to the elegant details of the ornate patterns on the serveware, the buffet presentation will be the magic touch that will turn a wedding reception into an unforgettable, glamorous event.

wedding buffet serveware

Ornate patterns on the wedding buffet serveware

All the items of the wedding buffet are carefully crafted and come in chic wedding colors. Be the first in town to add a glimpse of dazzling beauty to this
special occasion. Still, there is one more great feature: the wedding buffet can be customized to the color palette of your choice!

Two tier buffet platterThe Wedding Buffet Includes:

  • A big revolving wheel with mini bowls
  • 2 vases
  • 4 risers
  • 2 long platters
  • 1 two-tiered buffet stand

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wedding buffet items

Glass Studio is a “boutique” factory

A leader in the category, Glass Studio has been serving the hospitality market for 15 years now. Our aim is to create “gift boxes” for the food that add value to the offering of a restaurant and conform to professional kitchen requirements.
We are small enough to adapt to specific environments and big enough to be able to handle our luxury clients professionally and exclusively. What we aim for is a plate that adds value, not simply function. Dinnerware that is handmade, authentic, premium and sexy; dinnerware that will make your food presentation look special and unique, sophisticated and classy.


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